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The Risk Evolves team will be out and about speaking and networking at various exhibitions and conferences over the coming months - come and see us if you can.

6th September - ICAEW Leics & Northants Practice Conference 2018, Market Harborough, Leicestershire

GDPR 4 months on – are you breaking the rules?

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26-27th September - DFK UK Annual Conference, Glasgow

Topic: Risk Evolves  Your Digital Footprint Data – how safe is it?
Topic: OmniCyber Security – a live hack

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31st October - Stratford Business Show 2018, Stratford-upon-Avon College, Stratford-upon-Avon

100 local businesses will be showcasing their latest products and services, with networking opportunities and speakers

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14th September Midlands Business Network Expo September 2018, Warwick Hall, Stoneleigh Park

The No Jargon Business Team will be in attendance – Risk Evolves, The HR Dept, Zen Zero, Pentlands Accountants & Advisors

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19th Oct - Midlands Business Network Expo October 2018 - Aston Villa Football Club, Birmingham

The No Jargon Business Team will be in attendance – Risk Evolves, The HR Dept, Zen Zero, Pentlands Accountants & Advisors

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2nd November - Midlands Business Network Expo November 2018 - Hinkley Island Hotel, Hinkley

The No Jargon Business Team will be in attendance – Risk Evolves, The HR Dept, Zen Zero, Pentlands Accountants & Advisors

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Latest news and comment from the Risk Evolves team

what is skimming

What is skimming?

As you know we’re passionate about the role that people and processes have to play in the fight against cyber crime… But seriously what is skimming?

This week, we had a stark reminder of just how easy it is to be a “victim.”

One of the team was idly flicking through the police feed on Twitter… obviously working hard… well sort of!

The police tweeted the discovery of skimming device on an ATM in the local area.

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Cyber Security For Small Business

Small Business Cyber Security

There is a dangerous trend emerging in small business cyber security…

So many SMEs like you are working in the belief that “it won’t happen to me..”

But we enter into 2017 you cannot get away from the continued warnings about cyber risk and cyber threats, the amount of information is frightening.

Are you carrying on with known or unknown weaknesses in your businesses systems and processes? More info


What is Supply Chain Risk

The phrase ‘supply chain risk’ is one that is now heard in the news with increasing frequency. But what it is, how can it affect small businesses, and what should we do to manage it? More info


Leamington Business Awards – Ritz Evolves

Governance… risk… cyber security… compliance… the words may carry associations of mastery and a certain professional mystique, but they hardly conjure visions of glamour and glitz. But then came the Leamington Business Awards… More info

The Key Business Risks For 2017

The Key Business Risks For 2017

The landscape is changing and so are the key business risks for 2017. External business risk is growing at an exponential rate, especially in cyber crime. We look back at some of the greatest business risks of 2016 and predict how these might shape your strategy for 2017. More info

We discuss what is ISO9001 and why is ISO9001 important

What is ISO9001 and why is ISO9001 important?

‘What is ISO9001 ?’ and ‘Why is ISO9001 important for my business ?’ are two of the most common questions we get asked by our clients, so we thought we’d put this handy blog post together. The ISO9001:2015  – frequently asked questions. More info

Talktalk data breach

The TalkTalk data breach, a record £400k fine and a warning to others

On the 21st October 2015, TalkTalk became aware of a major security breach.  Over the following days and weeks, the severity and magnitude of that breach filled the headlines of the British and International newspapers. More than 150,000 users saw their personal information leaked. Of those, more than 15,000 users saw their bank account details compromised.  More info

Cyber security whose responsible?

Who is responsible for Cyber Security?

So just who is responsible for cyber security? Earlier this week we re-tweeted a great article from the Cyber Skills Centre about who is to blame for the current issues and challenges with cyber security in organisations.

Controversially the author, Stuart Wilkes, suggested that responsibility resides with the IT Director and not the software provider or the Criminal. Reading the article, his argument was logical and well structured. As Business Leaders, the IT Director have the responsibility for ensuring security is included in the design of systems, that they communicate with the Board / their Clients, on trends within the industry, that they are responsible for recommending changes in process and practice in the organisation and so on. More info

Cyber Security

How to improve your cyber security 

Cyber security is a serious problem. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) latest figures show 42 % of members have been a victim of cyber crime in the last 12 months!

Costing an average of £3,000 per business.

Cyber security breaches cost the UK economy £5.26bn per year. And the time taken for an small or medium sized business to recover from a breach is now estimated as being more than 2 days.

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January Newsletter

Preparing your Business for 2016

No organisation likes surprises. They can be costly to fix, demoralising for staff, annoying for Clients and distract you from expanding your Client base. More info