Cyber security

Regardless of size or sector, all businesses work with confidential data, which they are bound by law to protect. Every 40 seconds a business falls victim to a ransomware attack, and this is expected to rise to every 14 seconds by 2019.  

Each day it seems there is a new critical update here or a report of a data leak there, and when we read that some of the biggest corporate names are vulnerable, it’s hard to believe there is anything that we as small business owners and individuals can possibly do: what do we know of issues such as boundary firewalls, internet gateways, secure configuration or patch management?

With cyber-crime increasing in volume and sophistication, businesses can no longer afford to take a laissez-faire approach to the subject, especially when one considers the potential consequences. Unlike most other crimes, cyber crime is often committed by criminals who never come into contact with their victim, and around half of all fraud and cyber crime comes from abroad. Don’t become the next victim.

Cyber security is about assessing and resolving issues in your organisation that could compromise your ability to keep information, intellectual property and sensitive data safe.

Our services range from a cyber health check for your organisation, to a full holistic company review including technical configuration assessment, governance and supply chain.

At Risk Evolves we believe that, while cyber security has its roots in technology, it is more than just an IT problem: all too often it’s our own ignorance and carelessness that allow vulnerabilities to be exploited and the problem to spread. That’s why we put people firmly at the centre of the equation.

Working with Risk Evolves to get Cyber Essentials Certification is a great way to tackle Cyber Security and has many additional benefits for your customers and your staff.

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A cyber breach doesn’t only result in financial loss: the future of your business is put in jeopardy as your reputation suffers and repair and recovery takes further time and resources.


...of customers believe companies should be fined if sufficient safeguards aren’t in place.

Source: (Institute of Customer Service)


...of customers avoid companies that have had a data breach.

Source: (Institute of Customer Service)