January Newsletter

Preparing your Business for 2016

No organisation likes surprises. They can be costly to fix, demoralising for staff, annoying for Clients and distract you from expanding your Client base.

2015 saw media headlines that every business dreads. Who can forget the furore following the data breach at Talk Talk ? The customer impact caused by computer glitches at RBS and HSBC ? Impact to business and supply chain infrastructure of the winter storms Desmond, Eva and Frank ? These challenges are not unique to the big brands, and can impact your business as well. So how do you ensure that your business is resilient and can weather these challenges ?

At Risk Evolves we work with you to help you understand what the greatest threats to your organisation may be, and then help you fix them.

Cyber Essentials

cyberDid you know that in a 2015 survey commissioned by the Government,  a staggering 74% of small businesses reported a security breach which cost them between £74,000 and £310,000 to resolve ? Worryingly, a substantial number of those breaches originated from within the organisation. Can your business afford this expense ? There is a solution. Cyber Essentials is a government initiated and industry supported scheme to help protect UK Plc from cyber (or data) breach.  Achieving Cyber Essentials certification reduces the risk of your business suffering a breach, includes insurance and could provide your organisation with competitive advantage.  We achieved CE certification last summer. Contact us to find out about our implementation experience and how we can help you, including how to apply for government funding to implement Cyber Essentials within your business.

Management Systems

Are you wondering how you're going to meet your revenue, cost and profit targets in 2016 ? Have you always thought that standards were only for the 'big corporates' ? Did you know that if implemented correctly, ISO9001 will save your business money through productivity improvements and increased revenue ?  According to research published by the British Standards Institute, for every £1 spent on a quality management system a company could:

  • Increase revenue by £6
  • Reduce costs by £16
  • Increase profits by £3

As members of BSI and as qualified Auditors, at Risk Evolves we are passionate about the benefits of a robust management system. 2015 was a key year for the worlds leading Quality Management standard, as ISO9001 saw its first major revision since 2008. ISO9001:2015 has a number of major changes, as the role of Top Management becomes core to the execution of the management system and risk management is introduced.

Contact us today for a no obligation discussion to understand how we can help your organisation.

Other news from around the Web :

We're always on the look out for interesting stories from around the web. Here's a few that we thought might be of interest to you :

Organisational Resilience :
According to the BSI, long term prosperity in an organisation is rare and diminishing. So how do you ensure organisational resilience ? This white paper provides some insight to what leadership teams must do.

Data breaches :
Think that data breaches always happen outside your business ?   This article from the ICO shows that companies need to think of the insider threat as well.

Phishing Scams :
We believe that responsibility for company data security isn't just the role of the IT department, but is the responsibility of everyone in the organisation. This article from the BBC shows that even the Managing Director can be a target.

Enterprise Nation 
We'll be helping to register visitors to the Enterprise Nation Startup 2016 event in Birmingham this weekend - why not come along and meet us ?

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