What we do

Throughout your company activity, every person, every process, every supplier and every asset has a role to play: each is a cog within the complex mechanics of your business. If one cog fails to function as it should, your business machine cannot work efficiently and effectively.

At Risk Evolves, we work with you and your team, using our own risk identification evaluation and management process to assess each element of process and production and analyse its role within your organisation; we identify the interdependencies and pinpoint any potential weaknesses or single points of failure. We then draft appropriate action plans and work with you to implement these effectively, preparing your business for the future.

We can help you in a number of areas:

Governance Review

Good governance underpins successful companies. Do you have a clear overview of your business and how it functions? How well do you understand how the management system works, what leadership and resource capability you have, and how information is shared and acted on? Are you simply too busy keeping up with the day-to-day workload to step back and see the big picture?

We will work with you, bringing order to chaos and identifying potential improvements in day-to-day processes. By making sure that the right information is available to the right people at the right time, and that the right decisions are made at the right level, we can ensure projects are delivered on time and to budget, often with reduced costs, improved sales, and increased customer satisfaction.

Business Process and Standards

ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 (soon to be ISO45001), ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials… the names may seem confusing and the prospect of paperwork and red tape may be daunting, but these official certifications are relevant to businesses of all sizes: if implemented correctly, they can deliver business improvement and organisational resilience, as well as helping companies qualify as part of a procurement process.

At Risk Evolves our network of industry experts works closely with the British Standards Institute, combining practical expertise and sound theoretical proficiency to help you set up and implement the processes and procedures required to achieve certification, easily and affordably.

Supply Chain

Your organisation does not operate in a vacuum: your personnel, each component, each piece of equipment, each process and each procedure has a role to play: together they interact and combine to form a bigger, more complex system. This system extends to include not just your suppliers, but their suppliers, too: do they share your ethics and ethos? Are they working to the same quality standards you uphold?

A chain is as strong as its weakest link; a system is at risk if any of its constituent parts fails. We will help you understand the critical nodes in your supply chain and ensure that you are prepared for whatever happens, with strategies in place to cope with the unexpected.

Risk Identification, Evaluation and Management

We don’t have a crystal ball but our risk workshops can help you identify your key staff and suppliers, your core processes and the pivotal points in production. By pinpointing the potential points of failure, you will be better prepared to cope with the unexpected, as well as identifying new opportunities to develop your business.

We particularly recommend this 'health assessment' prior to organisational change such as a restructuring or significant investment. A full review of business status and processes can uncover risks that may generate unexpected costs, cause customer dissatisfaction and prevent you from achieving your strategic goals. Being aware of the risks, you can take pre-emptive action, develop plans and implement strategies to mitigate their effect.

Cyber Security

Inadvertent error, lack of staff awareness, weakness in the vetting processes… there are many reasons that third-party and cyber risks are increasingly affecting SMEs. The fact is that even the smallest business works with confidential information and you can no longer assume your business is safe. Cyber security is about assessing and resolving issues that could compromise an organisation’s ability to keep information, intellectual property and sensitive data confidential.

At Risk Evolves we have developed a process to determine how prepared your people, processes and technology are for a cyber attack, and what can be done to reduce the risk of one taking place.

Education, Training and On-going Support

We believe that knowledge and understanding are fundamental to the successful implementation of any system: knowing what to do matters, but knowing why it’s done provides a more robust platform to build on. Our philosophy is to undertake knowledge transfer as part of our day-to-day service to ensure that, once the project is complete, you can continue independently of us. Even so, unlike many consultancy companies, we won’t walk away and leave you at the end of the project: we’ll be around to provide help and guidance when and where it’s needed.

In addition to the support we provide as part of a project, we also deliver specialist training in the following areas: cyber overview, how to manage risk, data protection principles, supply chain management etc.


Risk Evolves work with you to implement Cyber Essentials and IASME within your organisation, to provide training and education to your staff,  and to help you through the certification process.

For your peace of mind and that of your customers, we work closely with the British Standards Institute and industry specialists, combining practical expertise and sound theoretical proficiency to help you implement a quality management system and gain the latest ISO9001:2015 certification.