What Questions Should be in Your Supply Chain Questionnaire?

00Supply Chain September, 19

Your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum, and it can’t work without its supply chain. It therefore stands to reason that your supply chain should be set up as you would your internal operations.

There’s one sure-fire way to ensure this is the case, and that’s by carefully quizzing suppliers before they come on board.

Supply chain questionnaires are very common. They’re also, sometimes, unfathomable and incredibly time consuming. The longest we’ve seen contained 750 questions!

This guide is for any business that needs to construct a questionnaire or has one sitting unanswered on their desk.

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Cyber Security

GDPR Just got Updated – Please Introduce Yourself to Some new BS and ISOs!

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So, just when you thought the GDPR was all done and dusted, you hear that interminable phrase, “there’s a new ISO standard we need to conform with”.

Your heart sinks.

Your blood pressure rises.

Surely, all that hard work you put into complying with the GDPR was enough for now?

No, but there’s nothing to worry about, because this is your no-nonsense, jargon-free(ish) guide to ISO27701.

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