Risk Evolves provides risk management and cyber security consultancy for businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to international corporations.

How we can help your organisation

We work with you to understand and develop a holistic view of potential threats to your organisation, both internal and external, while at the same time identifying and maximising opportunities to help your business grow.

Our approach helps you prepare for unexpected events, allowing you to bring continuous improvement and resilience to your business, ultimately enabling you to deliver a better product or service to your customers.

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Our team

In order to bring you the best services to assist your business, Risk Evolves work with a network of industry specialists who make up a roster of permanently employed and associate consultants. This enables us to deliver the right blend of skills for any given project, ensuring a tailored and cost-effective solution. We don't rely on text-book learning: all our collaborators have internationally recognised qualifications supported by many years of practical experience in the work they do.

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Delivering business improvement through risk management and process improvement

A successful business evolves and changes over time, equipped with the knowledge to face internal and external challenges and take advantage of opportunities that arise. Risk management is about ensuring that your organisation is ready to embrace the future.

Among businesses that acquire ISO9001:
Source: BSI


improve their operational performance.


acquire new customers and retain existing clients.


achieve cost savings.

A cyber breach doesn’t only result in financial loss: the future of your business is put in jeopardy as your reputation suffers and repair and recovery takes further time and resources.


...of customers believe companies should be fined if sufficient safeguards aren’t in place.

Source: (Institute of Customer Service)


...of customers avoid companies that have had a data breach.

Source: (Institute of Customer Service)

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.

Billionaire Investor Warren Buffet