Risk identification, evaluation & management

There are many different definitions of risks but, put simply, business risk is uncertainty that matters to an organisation.

Risks come in a range of shapes and sizes and occur throughout your company operation – both within your organisation and in the organisations you deal with. In all your dealings and activities, every person, every process, every asset and every resource has a role to play: each is a cog within the complex mechanics of your business, and each is a potential point of failure.

All businesses evolve over time and, in the course of this evolution, the risks they are exposed to change, making risk management an on-going process. Moreover, in order to evolve successfully, businesses need to take risks. The key lies in ensuring that the decisions taken are informed decisions, not a gamble with your future prosperity.

At Risk Evolves, we don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, but our team of associates offer comprehensive theoretical proficiency combined with practical expertise gained from years spent in a variety of roles and sectors. Using a project-based approach, we work with companies to determine their risk profile, identifying key staff, skills and suppliers, core processes and pivotal points in production.

A full review of business status and processes provides a holistic view of potential threats to your organisation, both internal and external. This can uncover risks that could give rise to unexpected costs, cause customer dissatisfaction, put you in danger of legal noncompliance, and prevent you from achieving your strategic goals.

It’s worth remembering that risk and opportunity are two sides of the same coin: not all uncertainty will have a negative implication for your business. By helping you prepare for unexpected occurrences of all kinds, our approach allows you to bring continuous improvement and resilience to your business, ultimately enabling you to deliver a better product or service to your customers, preparing you for innovation for the future, and allowing you to embrace opportunities with confidence.

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