Cyber Risk: more than just an IT problem

Risk Evolves works with businesses of all sizes to provide affordable, straightforward and relevant access to information about cyber security:

Free 30-minute seminar on Cyber Risk for key personnel, individual teams, senior leadership etc.

Full holistic company review including technical configuration assessment, governance and supply chain.

Complete Cyber Essentials certification. Prices start at £995 + VAT (includes certification costs).

Full certification service for: IASME, ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus.

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Any crime that involves digital technology - computers, mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones - and information - intellectual property, personal information or other sensitive data - of any kind is a cybercrime.

All across your company there are critical nodes where data may be leaked, whether intentionally or through inadvertent error. It’s a question of WHEN, not IF you business will be attacked.

Even the smallest business works with confidential information - information about clients, suppliers, products and processes… Many of us take our work home with us. We access company files on laptops and smartphones. We log in on public wifi systems. We make ourselves vulnerable and put our businesses at risk.

66% of small businesses have been victims of cybercrime, with a total annual cost to the UK economy of £5.26bn.

A cyber breach doesn’t only result in financial loss: the future of your business is put in jeopardy as your reputation suffers and repair and recovery takes further time and resources.


...of customers believe companies should be fined if sufficient safeguards aren’t in place.

Source: (Institute of Customer Service)


...of customers avoid companies that have had a data breach.

Source: (Institute of Customer Service)

Reduce the risk


Raise awareness: your staff are a key line of defence

Involve and educate your staff, your suppliers and your customers

Highlight the idea of data as a business asset that needs to be protected


Identify and protect key data

Validate suppliers

Implement business continuity and disaster recovery processes

Ensure processes are in place for when staff join or leave the company


HR policy: instruct existing and new staff on procedures

Implement reporting procedures with appropriate disciplinary and rewards policies

Implement a mobile security policy for teleworking and out-of-office access

At the very least: take out insurance cover!

Cyber Essentials

This cost-effective government-backed scheme assesses FIVE key areas:

Firewalls & Internet Gateways


Patch Management

Secure configuration

Access Control

Cyber Essentials certification can reduce risk by 80%.

Affordable & relevant, whatever your business size.

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