Business process and standards

A process is, by definition, repeatable and the repetition of successful processes leads to a successful business. ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO45001, ISO27001, IASME, Cyber Essentials… although the names may seem confusing and the prospect of paperwork and red tape may be daunting, the essence of all these official certifications lies in the implementation of effective processes; this means they are appropriate, relevant and beneficial to businesses of all sizes.

At Risk Evolves, we transform gaining a certification from an expensive obligation into an affordable opportunity that can deliver business improvement and build organisational resilience. We can guide you through the process, reviewing, assessing and advising – in short, furnishing your business with confidence in your processes and systems – without the cost of official certification. Following through and opting for certification can prepare your company for bigger, more ambitious projects, as well as strengthening your case as part of a procurement process.

Our team of associates are experienced project managers, who come from a range of backgrounds: between them, they’ve been there, seen it and done it all themselves.

Friendly, down-to-earth and “jargon-free”, they know how daunting these certifications can feel. Their mission is to make the experience as simple as possible: we are not coming to judge you or impose arbitrary changes.

For our team, it isn’t simply a question of carrying out a certification: instead they take personal responsibility and embed themselves in the DNA of your organisation: rather than treating it as a textbook case study, they will try to really understand your business. We will guide you each step of the way, and enable you to be self-sufficient.

The Risk Evolves team work closely with the British Standards Institute, and blend practical expertise and sound theoretical proficiency to help you set up and implement the processes and procedures required to achieve certification easily and affordably. The result is a strong foundation on which to build and grow your business.