We believe in never asking clients to do what we wouldn’t do ourselves, so we’ve recently had our management systems audited to two ISO standards: ISO27001 (Information Security) and ISO27701 (the new privacy extension).

This makes us the first UK firm to be certified to both standards by global certification body, NQA.

But, what does this actually mean for you?

Firstly, it helps provide reassurance to your stakeholders that your information is in safe hands. We recognise how sensitive the data you share with us can be and now you can be even more confident that we will manage your data as securely as any ‘bigger business’, if not more so!

Secondly, it means that we can give you ‘real life’ advice about how to implement and run an effective information security management system which meets the requirements of ISO27001. Other consultancies may talk the talk, but we walk the walk too. As is our way, we’ll share our experiences with you so you can make your systems as effective for your business as possible. If you’re not already on our mailing list, you may like to join at https://www.riskevolves.com/get-in-touch/ as we’ll be sharing more information about our ISO compliant processes in our newsletter.

Finally, as the first client certified to ISO27701 through NQA, we have the knowhow to help you achieve this new standard which supports GDPR and UK Data Protection Act compliance. If you store personal data, you could achieve a competitive advantage by being amongst the first in your market to achieve certification (just like us) or you may like to consider adopting the principles without formal certification.

We were delighted to work with NQA to achieve our certifications. Laura Fletcher, Commercial and Customer Experience Director at NQA, comments, “We are very proud of Risk Evolves’ recent certification achievement, becoming NQA’s first client for the newly published ISO 27701:2019 privacy information management standard. This demonstrates remarkable forward thinking and dedication to best practice within cyber security and risk management. I’d like to extend my huge congratulations to the whole team at Risk Evolves for their continued hard work and commitment to standards and the certification industry.”

Next steps:

If you’re interested in following the principles of these standards (with or without final certification), please contact us to arrange a free discovery call.

Did you know? These standards are designed to seamlessly integrate with ISO9001 (Quality Management). We operate all three standards so we can give you our personal reassurance that they work well together!