Phishing risk reduction and email fraud protection

Did you know that 92.4% of malware is delivered by email or that the average user receives 16 fraudulent emails per month?
Can your users detect a phishing attempt?  Are your email domains being used to send fraudulent emails to others?

DMARC Reporting & Analysis

  • We collect and correlate email delivery information about your domains.
  • Periodically we will send you a report detailing how many emails you have sent, home many were from an authorised source and whether they were successfully delivered.
  • We can hep you to reduce fraudulent emails masquerading as your email domain, thus improving your email domain's reputation score and helping to increase the deliverability of genuine email,

Phishing Simulation Services

  • We send out periodic phishing simulations based on your organisation and target users.
  • Each phishing campaign can be fully customised.
  • Each phished user is provided with a 10-minute email or general security learning exercise.
  • Once the simulation campaign is complete, we send you a PDF report listing which users were phished and who completed the training.
Employees of smaller organisations are more likely to be hit by email threats - including spam, phishing, and email malware than those in large organisations.  Our phishing email fraud protection service starts from just 16p per user per day so for a 15 person organsiation, that's less than the cost of your daily cappucino (with chocolate sprinkles!)

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