Videos are a great way to learn about cyber security. We’ve selected some of our favourite bite-sized videos (under five minutes). Why not share these with staff as part of their cyber security training?



How would your business handle hackers taking all your computers offline at the same time? This video from the BBC talks about the effect on an aluminium producer in Norway.  Although it’s a large international business, there are some learning points for every organisation.



We all have a stereotypical image of a hacker. This video from Cisco challenges you to think about hackers in a new light. It also highlights how easy it is to fall for a scam at work and illustrates how devastating the consequences can be.


The Met Police’s videos

These short cartoons (under three minutes long) cover a variety of topics including phishing, payment fraud, updates and Wifi. You can also download an audiobook and PDFs.


How private is your personal information?

Find out how ‘liking’ a Facebook page for a free coffee can give away more than you think in this video from Action Fraud. This scam was set up by the Police, but they did run after their ‘victims’ afterwards to explain what had happened!


Further resources

You can find links to free online cyber security training and other resources in our resources leaflet.


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