Like many five-year-olds, we’re a little disappointed to be marking our birthday behind closed doors, but we’re not ones to pass up the opportunity for a celebration, however difficult the circumstances!

An awful lot has happened since Helen founded the business in April 2015. Back then, David Cameron was in power and we were firmly part of the EU. GDPR sounded like a good public relations agency, Corona was a brand of beer and only a few early adopters could ask Alexa anything.

Since then, and especially in the last few weeks, it feels like everything has changed.

Since 2015, we’ve seen a heightened understanding of the value of data. As a nation, we’ve embraced the concept of GDPR and changed the way we work to protect individuals. The road to compliance may have been bumpy for some, but the message has been spread far and wide. The challenge now will be to maintain compliance during these difficult times when business owners are being forced to diversify or may be tempted to cut corners. 

ISO management standards have also moved with the times. The 2015 update to the ISO9001 Quality Management Standard made it easier to integrate multiple management systems and drive business improvements. We’ve seen an increase in popularity of ISO27001, the Information Security Management Standard, and the addition of ISO27701, the Data Privacy Standard. Having just gained both of these certifications for ourselves, we’re impressed with the benefits they bring. As the first UK company to be certified to ISO27701 by NQA, a global certification body, we’re delighted to be at the forefront of data privacy compliance. Now, like many businesses, we’re also turning our attention to the Business Continuity Standard, ISO22301. Having tested our own business continuity procedures in the most challenging of circumstances, we feel determined to achieve this reassuring certification.

Unfortunately, we have also dealt with the shadier side of life over the last five years. There has been a marked increase in the cyber threat to both businesses and individuals. Our efforts to keep others safe have seen us deliver thousands of hours of free and paid for training to businesses, charities and community groups, yet still the risks evolve. Our vital work with Warwickshire Police, Warwickshire County Council and the Federation of Small Businesses will continue as we seek to enable even more organisations and individuals to protect themselves.  The latest coronavirus scams, designed to hit the most vulnerable of people by mimicking or targeting the organisations that are trying to support them, are a marked reminder of the importance of staying safe online.

On reflection, it’s been a fast-moving and exciting time to do business. Things may not have gone totally according to plan this year but we’re proud to still be here, helping other organisations to protect themselves against various threats. As part of the award-winning No Jargon team, we’ve recently helped to support many companies affected by coronavirus by providing free online support and advice. Prior to that, we were humbled to be recognised for our contribution to business and society by the Midlands Business Awards, the Midlands Service Excellence Awards and the Firstpro Awards, who collectively shortlisted us for six awards earlier this year. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, suppliers and team for their loyalty, enthusiasm and support to date. It’s a privilege to work with you all.