At Risk Evolves, we believe an informed workforce is fundamental to implementing effective systems and processes and can be your biggest ally against risk.

People are one of the key assets of an organisation.

Our experience has proven that when staff are knowledgeable and involved, risk is greatly reduced. Investment in their training is a key element of a sound risk-prevention strategy.

Open Courses available throughout 2019

GDPR - The role of Trustees and Directors

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:
  • Understand the core principles of the GDPR and UK Data Protection Act 2018
  • Recognise who is accountable for compliance with the regulation in your organisation
  • Appreciate the recent cases that the ICO and the Police have prosecuted
  • Understand the cyber threat to your organisation from a local, national and international perspective.
  • Describe the 12 steps that you need to take to ensure that you are compliant with the regulations
  • Sign post to organisations that are available to support you in achieving this.
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Keeping you cyber safe

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:
  • Translate some of the jargon eg. Spam, phishing, ransomware,
  • Understand the consequences of your IT related actions;
  • Apply IT Security principles to both domestic and commercial use;
  • Understand the potential consequences of sharing information on social media platforms;
  • Offers best practice advice and guidance throughout the training
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GDPR - What to do in a crisis

What this course covers:
  • What is a data breach and how does this happen?
  • The cyber landscape and common threats
  • What are the legislative reporting requirements
  • Simulation of breach incidents and what happens and assessing what you need to do?
  • How to structure a data breach plan
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GDPR - What happens next?

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:
  • Understand the key aspects of the GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018
  • Assess the impact on you and your company if you are not meeting the regulation?
  • Identify ways you can keep the costs of compliance low and balance this with why GDPR compliance is crucial to your business
  • Adopt a stress-free approach to the management of subject access requests, right to be forgotten etc.
  • Explain what opportunities are that the GDPR presents for your business and how can you maximise them without being buried in paperwork?
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Risk Management

What will you learn?
  • The global risk management standard ISO 31000 – principles, process and framework.
  • How risk management can support implementation of ISO 45001.
  • The importance of people, psychology and behaviour in managing health and safety risk.
  • How broad 'risk-based' approaches achieve better overall business results.
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Managing Risk for OSH Professionals

Trainer: Steve Fowler
Price: £295 + VAT
15th May 2019 - London
13th June 2019 - Manchester

A ‘risk-based’ approach is key to managing Occupational Safety and Health.

This practical one-day course helps OSH professionals develop their understanding and practical knowledge of the vital role risk management plays, from saving money to saving lives. The content is fully aligned with international standards, particularly ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 31000:2018.

This course is highly interactive and uses an applied learning approach with delegates working together, using relevant case studies and learning through real examples. Topics covered include:

  • Uncertainty, hazard, threat and opportunity.
  • Different types of risks organisations need to manage, including emerging risks, and the consequences of ineffectively doing so.
  • All aspects of the risk management process, from the impact of the external and internal context to the psychology of risk.
  • How risk management integrates with the organisation and leads to better business results.

We deliver open courses, workshops and bespoke training. Our in-depth specialist training topics include the following:

Risk Management Training

Every organisation should understand how to manage risk but how where should an organisation start?

Are you confused by the requirements of ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO27001 etc? Unclear of the benefits of risk management?

Our courses will explain how you identify the risks within your organisation, what you can do about them and how to involve other individuals in your organisation.


Cyber Security Training

Cyber security is constantly in the headlines and whilst it may seem that only larger organisations are victims, the reality is that cyber criminals are targeting smaller organisations and those in the supply chain.

We will explain, without technical jargon, what every organisation should be doing to reduce the risk and explaining the key role that staff can play in protecting your organisation.


Supply Chain Assurance Training

No organisation, regardless of their size, operates as an island. We all, including us here at Risk Evolves, are dependent on suppliers to enable us to deliver services to our clients. But how do we know that our suppliers are capable of delivering the services to us? What happens if something goes wrong in their business? Will it impact us?

These courses will show you how you can validate that your suppliers are as good as you at what they do. The course will also provide overviews of what you may expect from your clients as they work to understand the risk in their supply chain, and how you can respond.


GDPR Training

Introduced in May 2018, this major piece of regulation saw the biggest change in data privacy in a generation. But how do you know if you’ve done enough to comply? What’s happened since May and what does the future hold?

As part of our GDPR training courses we explain how to comply, what to do if you have a breach, and how you can use the GDPR as a benefit in your organisation. If you’re a Director or Trustee, then you will be accountable for data protection, but what does this mean and what do you need to do? Our courses will take you step by step through each of these areas.


Process Improvement Training

Every organisation – whether they recognise them or not, will have processes in place. There will be a method of doing regular tasks. But how often have you stepped back and challenged whether there is a better, faster, more cost-effective way of doing things? And if you are being asked to implement any of the main ISO standards, processes are a key factor of these.

If you’re not sure where to start, or want to know more about how to demonstrate ‘continuous improvement’, then these courses will show you how to identify and implement change.


Governance Training

Whilst this may be traditionally associated with larger organisations, good governance is simply having clarity on what you are trying to achieve, so that you can communicate that to your staff, your customers, your suppliers and the local community, and so that you comply with the rules and regulations that affect your organisation.

In this course we will help you to understand the benefits of good governance, how it can support future investment, and why it should be a ‘must have’ if you are thinking of buying or selling a business. We’ll provide you with a framework to implement within your business that can act as an ‘early warning’ system if things look like they may be about to go wrong.


Risk Evolves prides itself in delivering the theory supported by practical, interactive sessions and illustrate using real examples. This is not “death by Powerpoint”.
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