website compromise

Website Compromise

October 20, 202000Cyber Security, Uncategorized
Is your website at risk?

Although many cyberattacks are the equivalent of a thief trying car doors until they find one unlocked, some cyber criminals are extremely organised. When a website patch is announced, criminals can check their lists of websites and quickly identify vulnerable websites.
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Privacy Shield

July 30, 202000Cyber Security, Uncategorized

Do you transfer data to the US? [Privacy Shield alert]

Each year, vast amounts of personal data is transferred between the EU and the US. The European Court of Justice (CJEU) has decided that one of the legal mechanisms that enables this – Privacy Shield – is now illegal.
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Rebuilding After COVID

May 28, 202000Uncategorized

You have to feel sorry for risk managers as the coronavirus has thrown a new and brutal spotlight on their work. Organisations are rightly keen to learn from the coronavirus pandemic and put in place measures to contain risks as the ‘new normal’ unfolds.

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Now we are five…

April 3, 202000Uncategorized

Like many five-year-olds, we’re a little disappointed to be marking our birthday behind closed doors, but we’re not ones to pass up the opportunity for a celebration, however difficult the circumstances!

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Coronavirus phishing alert

Coronavirus phishing alert!

March 27, 202000Cyber Security

Unscrupulous crooks are already seeking to profit from the coronavirus pandemic by phishing companies. How can you ensure that remote workers engage their ‘business brains’ and spot attempts before any harm is done?

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